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TreeAds makes your web ads fight for the greater good. Make profits while keeping the planet green.
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Planting privacy trees

Want to keep trackers away from your website? TreeAds does exactly that, while also providing important data and… planting trees! The business model sends 50% of the revenue towards new trees, 25% to the advertiser, and 25% to you.

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When rebranding and renaming Grreen we’ve decided to keep their color as well as their font. The new name is much easier to get right, and also gets everything out of the way before even interacting with the platform.

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We create air

Ads usually take away your freedom, your privacy, and are also a nuisance. TreeAds makes sure that every ad you see or create conveys the actual purpose to its audience. Turn ads into air and always know when an ad you see is helping you breathe.

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